Nespresso: iOS Application for Coffee Retail

For Nestle Nespresso Waverley created a native CMS-based iPad application with enhanced performance, full customization and support for different regions, so that the app can be used in various luxury brand boutiques all over the world.

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Popcorn Palace: eCommerce Fundraising Platform Development

Waverley worked with the leading producer of handcrafted gourmet popcorn to develop a web-based retail and fundraising platform.

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Blockchain-Based Loyalty Program for Retail

A transparent and secure loyalty rewards system in which the customers’ loyalty points are tokenized and stored in the mobile wallet.

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Blockchain Tokenization for the Art Sales

We created a marketplace for transparent and secure art trading, enabling ownership and copyright tracking, transactions involving digital currency, fractional ownership, and crowdfunding.

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VinTwin: Mobile Application with VIN-Scanner for Car Retail

Learn how Waverley developed a mobile car retail service allowing to scan VIN-codes, extract the car info from the database and calculate the price range.

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Mobile Retail

Implemented a Point-of-Sales application for a global company that would handle the internal Sales as well as the global network of franchise users. We created a unique user experience keeping an eye on extensibility and future feature enhancements.

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